Girls Get Busy is a feminist creative platform that supports artists, writers and musicians.

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Featuring: Charline Bataille, Sandra Declercq, Laura Maw, Caroline Lopez, Samantha Conlon, Beth Siveyer, Tay Tulloch, Alexis Novak, Jenné Afyia Matthews, Paige Greco (Luna Niluna), Roseanna Hanson, Sally Deskins, Melina Taylor, Sonia Lopez, ohhellolisa, Maija Ekey, Sofie Birkin, Maggie Rose, Nora McKinnon, Chelsea Daniel, Deen Nault, Barakah Iqbal, Jean Hui Ng and Curated by Beth Siveyer

Girls Get Busy is a feminist collective that supports female-identified artists, writers and musicians.

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    I literally only just found out that apparently I contributed to a zine by googling myself lol
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    I just saw this! it’s excellent, I contributed with the untitled 1 that’s featured :)
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    not sure i reblogged this at the time. but i’m in this one
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    Hey guys! I’m in thia issue! :)
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    Reblog so I remember to read all of this after work. Hooray for feminism and poetry and awesome. Also, I think it’s a...
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    Go check out issue 18 of Girls Get Busy (I’m in it!). Apologies for the late reblog, I haven’t been around.
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