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Girls Get Busy’s Zine of the Week: My Heart the Peanut Butter Jar by Monique L

This zine is packed full of personal writings and drawings compiled during a year of emotional turmoil, emotional abuse and personal recovery/discovery thereafter. A “perzine” is shorter term used for a personal zine, and to me this is a su’perzine.

This was composed over a course of 5 months. It is hand-bound with 70 pages of original writing, drawings and collaging.

These are a few of the pages you will see. It has taken me the past 3 years to decide whether to distribute the zine because of the intensity of language, visuals and heartache that it resonates from. Had it not been for reading one of Alex Wrekk’s zines, I may have never created this or been inspired to share my story. It’s good to know you can relate!

72 pages of love, hate, anger, recollection, survival, hardship, revelation and moving on. PLUS DRAWINGS!

Available to buy on Etsy!

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