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Through out this season of Babe Wave, listeners now have the opportunity to send in mixes for a monthly segment– “HOPE YOU LIKE IT”.

A mix someone made for you in middle school. A mix about your feelings. For your dad. For your sister. For your friend thats a girl. For yourself. A tape with songs you recorded from a radio station you were listening to. A mix tape with instructions. A mix tape with poetry to read while listening to songs about love. An alphabetized playlist. A playlist of songs you sing over. A single artist mix. Best of… A mix about your day. A mix about how you felt. A youtube playlist mix. A public mix. A private mix.


- All mixes (digital or physical) MUST come with a written/typed playlist. 

- An image of your mix will be used as the episode’s poster. 

- The mix will be played to it’s entirety– whether you decide to make the mix long or short is up to you.  

- Physical mixes have first priority (i.e tapes, CDs, etc.)

- If you have specific instructions, please let me know before hand. 

You can email your digital mixes / find out how to mail in your mixes at

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