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ideal-i-deology asked: Hello. I'm often unsure how to succinctly explain feminism to (generally) guys when they make a misinformed comment about it. For instance to a group of girls something along the lines of - "Can I join your conversation, as long as it's not some feminist meeting against men' etc I often don't have the courage to correct people in a polite, conversational not lecturing way..

It can be difficult calmly talking about something that you’re passionate about and that is essentially, your life. I certainly hate confrontation and don’t always have the confidence to say something, but a way I deal with it is by using sarcasm/humour… so you could say along the lines of “oh yeah, we’re actually just about to go and burn our bras!” or in a half-hearted joking kind of way (but that you actually mean) “not all feminists hate men, you idiot!” - I guess it depends how well you know the person with how much fun you can have with them…

Hope this helps! x 

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  1. with-boots said: tell them rlly deadpan to get back in the kitchen
  2. hellosugarmouse said: Doesn’t do anything to enlighten people who might be misinformed / prejudiced though. Like, I know a lot of folks whose concept of feminism really is 2nd wave/separatist/bra-burning. Surely saying that back to them sarcastically achieves nothing?
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