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GIRLS GET BUSY BLOG TAKEOVER: Black Salt Collective - Day 2

Black Salt tell us about their favourite people, ever!

Arstanda Billy White- “I worked with Billy White at NIAD Art Center. All of his drawings and paintings have the most imaginative narratives and are often about comedians and Van Gogh. I have a piece he did that reads ‘Little Richard Pryor.’”- Grace Thornton Dial- “My favorite artist. I saw a show of his in Houston at 19 and it really made me emotional.”- Grace

Thornton Dial- My favorite artist. I saw a show of his in Houston at 19 and it really made me emotional.”- Grace

Helen McCabe- “My grandmother comes from a really strong family. She has been through a lot but has always managed to keep things a little secretive. I am most interested in talking to her about Navajo language and memory.”- Grace

Richard Pryor- “He’s funny. I mean, come on.”- Adee

Nellie Mae Rowe- “She’s my kindred artist spirit. She’s a cancer and had doll heads in her yard.”- Adee

India Cooke- “My favorite musician.”- Adee

Alex Rudolfo Alaniz- “My muse and best friend, Alex and I grew up in California then moved to Philadelphia together where we had many adventures at the local cementary and leather bar. He now lives in New Orleans, where he practices catholic mysticism and is an AIDS/HIV activist. Only one word can describe him; Cosmic.”- Fanciulla

Sonrisa Rodriguez-Harrison- “My analog-worshipping genius Aquarian sister, a monster on the sewing machine, has written the best zine on Hair I’ve ever read. A celestial powerhouse.”- Fanciulla

Alene Bulack- “My witch mother and spiritual sister of the night, I am forever grateful for the wisdom and love she has imparted into me, whether I am down, ill, or lovesick she always knows which kind of tea to make me. A true goth and a true romantic, can make one hell of a mixtape.”- Fanciulla

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    Last image is by Philly artist Althea Baird, she is off the hook!
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