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HELP needed in setting up a women’s organisation in Guatemala

A question from Laura (

I’m about to go to this small town in Guatemala to go help out some local women with setting up their own women’s organization. They know what they want, I just have some experience and skills I’m gonna try and use to their advantage.

The women want to organize a library, and work on issues of self-esteem, leadership, political advocacy, women living alone, women who have migrated. They want to set up a children’s library, and want to have a regular storytelling activity to help get parents into the habit of storytelling. I’m thinking to first (and during) try and find funding for the project, and look into qualitative (children’s) books (in Spanish) that aren’t patriarchal, racist, gendered, etc.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with workshops or other activities to work around the issues they want to address, or knew about any books. Or have any general suggestions? 

Please email Laura at

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