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famous whores, people claimed to be whores and people called by the word “whore” in popular culture fiction or non fiction?

the list is too long!!

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  1. xi8 answered: "pretty woman"?
  2. wrenhead answered: anne boleyn
  3. escravidao answered: Bruna Surfistinha
  4. thunderkatmeow answered: paris hilton
  5. motherofserpents answered: just about every female ever
  6. littlecreamsoda answered: The Protestant Whore herself, Nell Gywn!
  7. highpriestesse answered: abigail williams!
  8. yoymitercermundo answered: Fantine from The Miserables.
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    the list is too long!!
  10. parochialism answered: marilyn monroe
  11. hollyhotdog answered: like, Mary Magdalene?
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