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ASK: American colleges that support feminism?

Could you list some colleges that would be great for girls? I’m trying to find colleges that support feminism. I would like to find a college that encourages girls. I live in Colorado U.S. but I’m open to other states aside from Colorado. Thank you so much! /xx♥

Because I live in England, I don’t know that much about American colleges… apart from the fact that the American education system seems to be so much better than over here - there’s hardly ANY feminist/gender studies courses over here.

But I did find this helpful list on the Smith College website (which I know is a good women’s college in MA actually!) of different gender/feminist studies courses offered around the US: 

American followers - got any good college suggestions??

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  1. ohnoheather answered: I know someone doing women’s studies at Emory and they absolutely love it!
  2. higgityshmiggity answered: I’ve heard the University of Virginia at Charlottesville has a good gender studies program. Hope that helps!
  3. little-trouble-grrrl answered: sarah lawrence college
  4. toobfree answered: try looking into women’s colleges. personally my favorite was smith college.
  5. poemnerd answered: Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. We are a women’s college that is very supportive of feminism. :)
  6. sitmedownshutmeup answered: Vassar College! It was a Seven Sister, but it’s co-ed now, but it still has a feminist student body and a great women’s studies department.
  7. woolenmilk answered: Hampshire College and Bennington College.
  8. trustyourmechanic answered: University of Oregon
  9. thingsofthespirit answered: GO TO EVERGREEN in Olympia, Washington. Others are Sarah Lawrence, Vassar College, Wesleyan, most city schools.
  10. thecatinglasses said: I second the Smith recommendation, but I’m a little biased (class of 2007). I would look into any of the women’s colleges & Sarah Lawrence and Vassar. Also, find out where writers you like went to school. You can message me for my email, for more advice.
  11. katiecrutchfeels said: I’m in the feminist studies program at UCSC and we’re one of the oldest in the States, the class I’m in right now focuses a lot on intersectionality, and the community in general tends to be feminist-leaning and fairly open minded.
  12. singandsail answered: Mills College! A women’s college in Oakland, CA with a huge focus on women and gender studies and other social justice issues.
  13. larastonesboobs answered: Barnard College. I don’t go there, but i have feminist friends who do and absolutely love it
  14. thehavesandhavenots answered: Boston University!
  15. canndo answered: Barnard in NY would be good for US based. But regarding your point, I know Goldsmiths and York have a strong feminist profiles (among others)
  16. roughguess said: Lol I went to smith and it has the oldest women’s studies/gender studies program in the country. Also they intentionally infuse feminist ideas about teaching and the history of women into all courses.
  17. mslonelyhearts answered: Wesleyan University has a great Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program, that’s where I study!
  18. duhdoydorothy answered: Mills College, Oakland CA
  19. resilienttbastard answered: CUNY Brooklyn has a great activist community and a really great Gender Studies department.
  20. sensuous-witch answered: university of vermont has a wonderful gender and sexuality studies program, and lots of social justice support on campus!
  21. aguacatera answered: Mills College - California
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