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So, the ‘huge’ and ‘exciting’ news I alluded to here last week… it’s about time I added some more information I think!

On Friday I spent an interesting hour on the phone to a documentary-maker called Emily. She is working with a team on a on a 90 minute documentary for the BBC which will explore young people’s (aged 16-25) experiences of living with mental illness, from their own unique perspective…

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    So I just had my first phone call with Sarah from Firecracker Films and I am very excited! Hopefully the producer likes...
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    tldr; Anyone aged 16-25 (UK only) living with a mental illness who would like to help in a documentary on mental illness...
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    Sounds like it could be pretty good. UK followers “aged 16-25 and living with a mental illness or mental illnesses”,...
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    This is so tempting :o
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