Girls Get Busy is a feminist creative platform that supports female-identified artists, writers and musicians.

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The Black Feminist Manifesto issue #1 is back in stock! Over 50 copies sold worldwide, get your copy while they’re still hot!!

Featuring artwork & written word by Ronika McClain, Teenboystuff, Nomka, Felicia Rucker, ‘Rap Bitch vol. 1’ mixtape by Ashley F.,8 texts written by Feminists of Color reading list & much much more! All artwork and written word is created by people of color exclusively. 

$4 each and can be purchased @ my etsy shop Senorita Ugly, all proceeds go towards helping me pay for my medication so it’s really really helpful and going towards a good cause. Make sure to leave your address in the *notes* section when checking out!

Don’t forget to submit artwork or written word to The Black Feminist Manifesto to be featured in issue #2 


The Black Feminist Manifesto is a non-profit collective showcasing  artwork and written word created by feminists of color.Through online exhibitions and periodical zines, we hope to provide a creative space for feminists of color to express our experiences, our resistance and ultimately, ourselves. 

The Black Feminist Manifesto is inclusive to all people of color. We embrace the diversity that our races,ethnicities, and cultures represent and the ways in which they intersect with gender,class, ability, and sexuality.

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