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protest against Backwards-as-fuck government Savita Halappanavar vigil in Cork, Ireland


 17-week pregnant Indian migrant woman, Savita, was killed because she was denied access to an abortion that would have saved her life.

She developed blood poisoning due to miscarrying but when Her and Praveen (husband) begged Galway University Hospital to grant an abortion as her health was rapidly fading, doctors denied and told them ‘this is a catholic country’.

HuffingtonPost: He said his wife vomited repeatedly and collapsed in a restroom that night, but doctors wouldn’t terminate the fetus because its heart was still beating.

When the fetus’s heart stopped beating that was when the fucking doctors surgically removed the remains but it was too late; Savita died a couple of days later. 

This is the country I live in. This country says women can only have abortions if their life literally depends on it but women are still being denied an abortion any fucking way. This is the same country that also a while ago, forced a terminally ill woman to travel all the way to the UK to have an abortion because Ireland is too fucking cowardly to allow her abortion here. 

Please please please contact the Irish embassy in your country and let them know what a disgusting disgrace it is that people are denied abortions here. Enough with the bullshit stereotype that Ireland is welcoming and sweet-natured; this country prefers people to die rather than have even a life-saving abortion.

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