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mosspotato asked: re: the photo of the barbie with syringes in her face: It's really, really upsetting to see you, who are supposedly all about feminism and supposting women, to reblog something so hurtful and body shaming. Why did you think that was okay?

The image is a parody of women and beauty magazine covers reading:
Beauty - Slightly mutilating the natural state of your body in order to be deemed acceptable

I’m not really sure where I stand on cosmetic surgery, But I can now see why this would be considered body shaming, as it’s basically shaming women who do choose to have cosmetic surgery and therefore policing women’s bodies. And so I am going to delete it because that isn’t what GGB is about.

So thank you for messaging and making me realise :)

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  1. insomniaticspree said: ditto to what ladylimbs said. awesome!
  2. ziegfeld-girl said: It’s really nice and refreshing to see someone have a problem and the person they go to actual validate their feelings instead of getting defensive. That is pretty rad.
  3. cognitivedissonances said: Not to mention that majority of people who have breast augmentation, the number three top cosmetic surgery, lose sensation in their breasts - therefore, sacrificing thier own personal arousal for a mans arousal.
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