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GGB Zine Fest Stall Spotlight: Riots Not Diets Distro

Riots Not Diets is a DIY queer/feminist music night in Brighton. They run ‘Ahhhh… Distro’ which sells queer theory/music/pop culture zines, and the RND “memorabilia range”, including patches, tees, vinyl and totes.
Riots Not Diets recently released a limited edition pink 12” record; a 13 track riot grrrl/queer explosion, fresh and exclusive tracks from a whole host of amazing bands who have come down to play the Riots Not Diets club night in Brighton. Featuring Covergirl, Woolf, Skinny Girl Diet, Trash Kit and many more!
Riots Not Diets blog
Rioets Not Diets bandcamp
GGB Zine Fest event page
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