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WE HEART LISA SIMPSON zine now available

A zine dedicated to the feminist icon that is Lisa Simpson.
Contributions include writings of personal experiences, art work, lyrics, memories, photos and tributes. 20 pages with colour - A5 size
Limited copies on Simpson yellow covers with a FREE Lisa sticker designed by Grace Miceli!

Featuring: Kyle Platts, Lenny Dutton, Romi Graham, Jonathan Barrero, Beth Siveyer, Rachel Branson, Alabama Roxanne, Tom Casson, Tony Siveyer, Grossmary, Grace Miceli ♀ Created by Beth Siveyer

£3.50 per copy (it’s colour remember) and that does include a free sticker!

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    Has anyone received theirs? Been waiting 5 weeks for mine :o(
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    Wish I knew about this.
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    reblogging to remind myself to send an email and beg for the next edition
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    Ahh! I learn about this only after it sells out?! No!
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